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Práce Policie Zahraničí

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Albert Kempf GmbH und Co. KG  -  Německo

 ...Jsme rodinný podnik s bohatou tradicí a vyrábíme podle specifických požadavků zákazníků čepice k uniformám všeho druhu pro úřady, policii a hasiče z domova i zahraničí. Jako posilu do našeho týmu v Ödmiesbachu / Teunzu hledáme  šiče / šičku (muže/ženu/jiné) na plný... 
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MOBICACREW  -  Zahraničí

 ...certificate ; Security awareness training for all seafarers; Proficiency survival craft and rescue boat (PSCRB); International certificate of vaccination (yellow fever vaccine); Update police clearance ; Photographer diploma or reference letter ; PLEASE ONLY GERMAN SPEAKING !!
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MOBICACREW  -  Zahraničí embark : Passport holder; STCW78 as amended 2010 (basic safety training) ; Crowd management certificate; Security Awareness training for all seafarers; update police clearance; International certificate of vaccination (yellow fever vaccine); Graphic designer diploma;
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MOBICACREW  -  Zahraničí

 ...STCW95 certificates 3. Crowd management certificate 4. Crisis management certificate 5. Security awareness training for all seafarers 6. Update police clearance 7. International certificate of vaccionation (yellow fever vaccine) 8. Previous ship experiece as HOTEL MANAGER
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AIDA Cruises  -  Zahraničí

 ...regulations; Your previous ports of call You have a degree in Security Management or an equivalent professional qualification from the police, army or comparable authority; You are a practitioner with professional and managerial experience in relevant security fields, e.g.... 
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MOBICACREW  -  Zahraničí

 ...STCW95 certificates Crowd management certificate Security awareness certificate Panama seaman book (will be process on board) Update police clearance International certificate of vaccination (Yellow fever vaccination) Able to work 7 months on cruises ship Experience as... 
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Celebrity Cruises  -  Zahraničí

 ...join this team, candidates must have previous experience in at least one of the following areas: army, aviation, hotel security, and police; the appropriate skills and training depending on his/her role; and knowledge of relevant equipment, processes, and strategies to... 
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Yatta Recruitment  -  Zahraničí

 ...crew areas on a daily basis;; Be present in the restaurant during meal hours;; Share responsibility with the Nautical department for police reports to be sent as; required;; Public speaking: Crew Introduction, Welcome and Farewell speeches, ship’s briefings, and speeches... 
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Excite Recruitment  -  Zahraničí

 ...will happily cross that bridge... Required: You to manage, fund and successfully complete a shipboard medical (circa £450UK) and police background check (circa £25) source a US C1/D visa ($162US) and an STCW Security Awareness certificate ($50US) if successful with a... 
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Excite Recruitment  -  Zahraničí

 ...vacation time); Full JD: On application; Required: You to fund a medical (circa £450UK), source and fund a US C1D visa ($162US) and a police check (£30).; Start date: Soon!; YOU the BRILLIANT Training Manager You will be currently in a T&D role ; You will have experience... 
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