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Agentura PRO-STAFF s.r.o.  -  Olomouc

JSI PŘIPRAVEN NA SLUNÍČKO, ZÁBAVU, PLÁŽE, AKCE & PARTY? Chceš cestovat bez rizika? Staň se nezávislým a získej zkušenosti mimo domov se zaměstnáním, ke kterému patří ubytování, strava, výplata, pojištění a garance práce. Naučit se jazyky v mezinárodním týmu? Můžeš ...
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Elements Interactive  -  Olomouc

 ...passion for crafting maximum user experience. Are you fully aware of how digital applications should look, feel, and move? Do you like animation, great design, and pixel-perfect attention to detail? If your answer is a big fat YES, keep on reading.. What You Wil Do... 
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Elements Interactive  -  Olomouc

 ...and also shows excellent use of information architecture, layout, typography, color and imagery  Experience with prototyping and animation An understanding of technological capabilities of different devices and other media Excellent problem-solving, teamwork and... 
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Avalanche Studios  -  Olomouc

 ...programmer on at least one shipped title on current-gen consoles Will be a plus Experience from working with character scripting, animation state machines, animation blending and similar techniques Knowledge of platform architectures and how to create efficient code... 
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Clark  -  Olomouc

 ...Design Guidelines Bring a big plus: you have Rails experience Have a sense of good user experience Count transitions and animations as a natural of Web Design Are experienced in using content management systems Have a thorough understanding of Software... 
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Betadrawf  -  Olomouc

 ...Familiar with state-of-the-art rendering techniques, shader development and graphics hardware and API’s Detailed knowledge of animation, camera control, and lighting C++, WPF, Javascript, or other languages Experience shipping multiple game titles Interest... 
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