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Talentor Advanced Search, s.r.o.
Typ zprostředkovatel
Průmysl Personalistika a řízení lidských zdrojů
Rok založení 2017
Počet zaměstnanců do 500 zaměstnanců

Finding the right people for leadership positions has always been a fascinating task. Not only do professional experience and skills matter, but also charisma, commitment, and the capacity to inspire others.

When executive search expands internationally, successful placement becomes even more challenging. As a consultant, you need intuition and experience to find and approach the right people. In our digital world, this increasingly means breaking new ground and abandoning old methods. And that is why we love our job.

Talentor is a tightly-woven network of passionate people around the globe. Our business is executive search on an international level leveraging the local know-how of our partners. We work closely together and share the same mindset and quality standards. We are continually expanding our network and love to make connections with people who share our standards and expertise. We know executive search is not rocket-science: It is simply finding the right people in the right places.

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