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Sittardia CZ
Průmysl Marketink a reklama
Rok založení 1996
Počet zaměstnanců do 100 zaměstnanců

Sittardia Family

Every profession requires its specialists and, therefore, Sittardia has established various divisions focusing on different areas of promotion. Thanks to the various specialisations, we are able to offer comprehensive leading-edge services.


We honour creative approach which, however, must observe account two fundamental principles - originality and usefulness. That is the only way how final creativity may help the customer’s brand and deliver the required results.

Process approach

We believe in a system approach. All our projects are carefully planned and we stick to the set procedures. This approach brings our clients the predicted results.

Sittardia has been on the market for more than 16 years. All this time, we have been able to maintain our competitive position among leading Czech and European advertising agencies.

Our ideas are welcomed by brands like FiroTour, UnitedEnergy, Sony, GrandOptical, Algida, or Yenkee.

Do you want to work for them too?

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